New Music Tuesday: My new favorite Christmas album…

Today is the first of November. For many radio stations across the country, that means it’s the start of Christmas music season. For some, it even means they’re the “we’re gonna play so much Christmas music that you’ll hate the holiday by Thanksgiving” station.

I normally avoid any and all Christmas music anytime before the day after Thanksgiving, but this year… I’m making an exception. Thanks to one particular artist.

Find out who…


New Music Tuesday: The sum of its parts…

There are many musicians around the world that can make beautiful music all on their own. They can captivate a room with their voice or instrument, without anyone else to accompany them.

But when you take a group of those artists, and have them sing or play as an ensemble, they can perform something that’s not capable as a single person.

And it doesn’t even require them to be in the same room, play at the same time, or even know each other.

That’s where this website comes in.

Take a look…

New Music Tuesday!

As many pop culture and music lovers know, new albums are always released on Tuesdays. (well, most of the time.) So what better day to start a semi-regular feature called, what else, “New Music Tuesdays”? So here we go.

Today’s selection: “Modern Love” by Matt Nathanson

“Modern Love” by Matt Nathanson

Check him out!