New Music Tuesday: My new favorite Christmas album…

Today is the first of November. For many radio stations across the country, that means it’s the start of Christmas music season. For some, it even means they’re the “we’re gonna play so much Christmas music that you’ll hate the holiday by Thanksgiving” station.

I normally avoid any and all Christmas music anytime before the day after Thanksgiving, but this year… I’m making an exception. Thanks to one particular artist.

Michael Buble is one of my favorite artists of all time. Perhaps THE favorite. I own all of his albums, I’ve seen him in concert three times, and I know all the words to all his songs.

And now: he has a Christmas album.

My new favorite Christmas album.

Simply titled “Christmas”, I think it’s one of his best albums yet.  From articles and interviews, I learned that Christmas is his favorite time of year, and his music shows it.  His songs are very heartfelt, and you can really hear the emotion he puts into every note.

The album contains a great mix of classic and contemporary holiday tunes, along with featured artists, a full orchestra, and more.  The guest artists add to the album, but don’t take away from it’s star performer.

Overall, it’s getting me into the holiday spirit, even if it is only the beginning of November. And it’s proving to be a great exception to my “No Christmas music before Thanksgiving” rule. Enjoy!


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