Not-So Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures, especially when it comes to music. But should we really feel guilty about them? Absolutely not.

It may be your go-to embarrassing karaoke tune, a boy band from your middle school days (guilty), or a rap song you know all the lyrics to (also guilty), but everyone has a least one guilty pleasure song they can name off the top of their head.

But the second you mention one of those songs, there’s always that one person who immediately jumps in, with a comment along the lines of: “I can’t believe you like that! It’s the worst song ever!”

To me, this judgment seems completely ridiculous. Why should anyone care what songs you listen to in the car or on the radio? It’s not as if you’re following them around with a 1980s boom box blaring in their ear every day. (The one exception, they have to listen to whatever you want in your car. You’re the driver; you control the radio. It’s just the rules.)

An example: one of my “guilty” pleasures is “Glee”. I watch every episode, I download every song, I know every lyric. But the majority of people I talk to can’t sit through more than five minutes, without complaining about it.

But despite their objections, I don’t feel a single bit of guilt about liking the show and its music. I was a member of show choir for 6 years during middle and high school. I lived and breathed it. I sweated through 8 hours of dance rehearsals, I was up at four a.m. to get on a bus to travel, and I, to this day, can still remember a good portion of the dance moves from my last show. For me, Glee isn’t just a fun show; it’s a link to my past. Others just don’t seem to see that.

It’s the same with other music accomplishments throughout my life. I play piano, French horn, and I sing, so I’ve heard hundreds of classical tunes, and enjoy all of them. But many people immediately dismiss anything that’s not from this century.
I honestly believe those people are missing out. They’re living in their tiny comfort zone, afraid to try anything new, or even give it a chance. Often it’s because they don’t understand it. I know classical music can be daunting, but if you take the time to do a little research or reading, you’ll find many of those massive symphonies tell a great story. It just takes a little imagination and listening.

But if those naysayers don’t want to experience some of the great pieces from history, or even a fun song from last week, that’s their loss. I won’t judge them for it, I won’t harass them for their preferences, and I won’t quit being their friend because of it.

So sing that karaoke tune at the top of your lungs. I might even join you. And leave the guilt to everyone else.


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