A new twist on the chicken sandwich…

In our house, we eat a lot of chicken. I mean a LOT of chicken.

It’s easy to prepare, it’s fast, and it’s delicious. Trouble is, sometimes we get stuck in a chicken rut, as I imagine many families do.

So I decided to come up with something new. Enter: the blackened chicken sandwich.

The idea came to me after buying blackening seasoning for Cajun Chicken Alfredo. (See, we eat a lot of chicken.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Blackening seasoning
  • 2 Green peppers
  • 1 medium to large onion
  • Pepperjack cheese slices
  • Ciabatta bread (or whatever you prefer)
  • Mayo
  • Sriacha
  • Chili powder
I start by slicing the chicken breasts lengthwise, so they’re not as thick. They cook up a little faster, and are easier to eat in a sandwich. I give them a liberal does of blackening seasoning on both sides.

Extra blackening seasoning is always good.

Next, I slice up the green peppers and onion into thin slices. These all go into a grill basket (incidentally, my new favorite kitchen gadget).

Grill baskets make everything better.

I usually have the grill fired up before I start chopping, just to make sure it’s good and hot. A tip to keep things from sticking to your grill: dip a paper towel in olive oil and run it along the grates.
I put the grill basket on one side, the chicken on the other. Veggies will need the occasional toss while they cook, and the chicken will need a flip at some point.

Everything tastes better on the grill.

While the grill is working away, I make the spicy mayo. I’m not a big fan of mayonnaise myself, but if there’s other flavors added in, I don’t mind it so much.
Quick note: this mayo concoction is not measured at all. I just go with whatever looks/tastes good.
Combine a healthy dose of mayo, add a little sriacha (careful, it’s hot!), and a palmful of chili powder. Mix together, give it a quick taste, and adjust as needed.

An extra kick for any sandwich!

Once the chicken is cooked, I take it off the grill and set it aside. I then put the bread slices on the grill so they can get a little toasty. Nothing’s better than that first crunch of the bread when you bite into a sandwich.

Things are getting nice and toasty.

Now… it’s assembly time! Layer however, you like, but I usually do bread, chicken, cheese, peppers/onions, mayo, bread.

The finished product!

Of course, you can swap in or out any of these ingredients and make it your own, but hopefully this will give you a new twist on the same old chicken sandwich. Enjoy!

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