New Music Tuesday: The sum of its parts…

There are many musicians around the world that can make beautiful music all on their own. They can captivate a room with their voice or instrument, without anyone else to accompany them.

But when you take a group of those artists, and have them sing or play as an ensemble, they can perform something that’s not capable as a single person.

And it doesn’t even require them to be in the same room, play at the same time, or even know each other.

That’s where this website comes in.

I stumbled upon it through another blog post (Thanks Everywhereist!), and was captivated by its simplicity.

It’s basically various artists on a variety of instruments, improvising on a B flat scale.

Even thought they’re all separate artists, their solos somehow combine into a unique composition that seems perfect, no matter what order you play the videos.

Needless to say, I was entertained for hours with this. Playing them all in order, playing random selections, playing one or two at a time, playing all at once.  And no matter what I tried, every option sounded great.

So take a few moments (maybe more than a few), and enjoy for yourself!


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