Cajun Chicken Alfredo… on the spicy side!

I branded this blog as an ode to music and food. And so far, the latter has been getting very little attention.

But things are about to change. (Not as dramatically as that may sound, but one post is a good start, right?)

Tonight’s recipe: Cajun Chicken Alfredo

I found this recipe on the Food Network, from one of my favorite chefs: Guy Fieri. He’s not afraid to take risks and use big, bold flavors in all of his dishes. And he’s hilarious. My husband wants to be his sidekick. (Guy – if you’re reading, he would gladly eat one of those giant sandwich concoctions you always make!)

Cajun chicken alfredo is one of those meals I simply cannot resist. I’ve eaten it at who knows how many restaurants, and enjoyed every bite. Usually one or two bites too many.

So I got the recipe, but decided to do a little tweaking. Bryce and I are not big on tomatoes, so we omitted those, and threw in some green peppers and onions instead.

I’m pretty sure 90 percent of the recipes I make include some form of peppers and onions.

I was very liberal with the blackening seasoning on the chicken, and even threw in a little Cajun seasoning as well. (Very liberal might be an understatement. The spicier the better.) I unfortunately don’t own a cast iron pan (yet), so I just cook it on the stove until they’re done. I actually pre-cooked mine a few days before, to save myself a little time after work.

I get the olive oil and garlic going, then add the peppers and onions and cook till they’re soft.

There may have been some extra Cajun seasoning in there as well. Whoops.

In goes the white wine to deglaze, and in goes the chicken to heat through.

Next, the cream. Seems like a lot, but trust me, it still tastes good.

Side note: this recipe is not for the lactose intolerant.

As things reduce, I check the sauce to see that it’s seasoned well. Plain old alfredo can be a little bland at times, so once again, I add more blackening or Cajun seasoning.

I might have to buy more after this recipe. (And no, I didn’t use the whole bottle tonight. I’m pretty sure I might die if I did.)

Finally, the parmesan cheese, pasta, and a little salt and pepper.

Dinner is served!

Even with Bryce’s enormous appetite, we end up having leftovers. But it’s great reheated – the sauce gets a little thicker.

Comments and questions are always welcome if you have trouble. I hope you give this recipe a try, and I hope you enjoy it!

Bon appétit!


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