New Music Tuesday!

As many pop culture and music lovers know, new albums are always released on Tuesdays. (well, most of the time.) So what better day to start a semi-regular feature called, what else, “New Music Tuesdays”? So here we go.

Today’s selection: “Modern Love” by Matt Nathanson

“Modern Love” by Matt Nathanson

This album came out last month, and I have literally not taken it out of my car’s CD player since.

“Modern Love” is a great mix of upbeat, catchy tunes that are easy to sing along to, and mellow, chill songs that you just sit back and enjoy.

My favorite song is the very first track, “Faster”. The lyrics pair perfectly with the backbeat, telling the tale of two people who just can’t get enough of each other. It’s that relationship stage we’ve all been through, where you still catch your breath every time you see the other person. It embodies that endless sense of adventure, where you don’t think about the future, only the moment you’re standing in.

One aspect I love about is album is the brass accompaniment. I always solve hearing any sort of jazz accompaniment, especially in pop songs, where its not expected. There’s also a little rocker vibe thrown in on a few tracks. Matt does a great job of using these elements well, without overdoing it.

That brass sound is brought back several times in the album, primarily in the title track, “Modern Love”. And once again, the lyrics are something new and fresh, explaining the state of love in this age of instant gratification. It’s not the same old love song you hear from many other artists.

Another track I love is “Run”, featuring Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of Sugarland. It’s an unexpected pairing, with both the pop and country roots coming together. It would have been a good song on its own, but the addition of another voice elevates it to a whole new level.

One of the great things about Matt Nathanson is his personality. A friend suggested this video to me, of one of Matt’s full performances at a record store. The songs themselves are fantastic, but what’s even better is Matt’s stories and jokes in-between the sets. He genuinely loves what he does, and wants the audience to be a part of it all.

Overall, it’s a definitely different than his previous records. And it makes a great summer soundtrack! So go pick it up, pop it in your CD player, roll down the windows, and enjoy!


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