I wish I played a string instrument…

While I have been, and will always be an advocate and supporter of the brass section, I have always secretly wanted to be a string player.  Just on the side. I learned to play “Twinkle, Twinkle” on the violin in 3rd grade, but haven’t touched a string instrument since. But boy, do I want to. And I want to be good at it. (None of those terrible screeching sounds I managed to make years ago.)

I stumbled upon this video today, and I had to try hard to resist jumping onto eBay and buying a violin.

My husband and I both watched the first season of “Game of Thrones” on HBO this spring, and I loved the music from the first episode.  Something about a full orchestra creating that haunting background just sends chills up my spine.

I have played various movie soundtracks as a horn player, and we often get some of the best melodies and solos. (Thanks John Williams.) But there’s occasionally nothing better than a violin or cello solo.  Something about them just draws you in and hold your attention better than many other instruments can. (Maybe it’s because they always stand up. Or they’re sitting in the front row.)

While I love playing the French horn in the orchestra, there’s a few reasons why I want to be a string player:

*You get to sit in the front. While I enjoy chilling in the back row with all the brass, it would be nice to get some face time every once in a while.

*You get to move around when you play, and somehow not look ridiculous. If I move around too much playing my horn, I just look silly. There’s only so much movement you can make when pressing four keys.

*You get the awesome solos. Well, if you’re good, of course.

*The parts are way more interesting for most orchestra pieces. You get to play the melody! In every song! I remember one horn part where I literally rested for 300-ish measures, just to play three notes. (I lost count in most rehearsals.)

*String instruments just sound awesome. Enough said.

(*Bonus reason: You would have amazingly toned arm muscles.)

So the French horn will always be my first choice, I have considered learning to play the violin or cello. For no other reason than the fact that I could make awesome videos like the one above. After years of practice, and probably 100 takes. But I could do it.

(By the way… Anyone got a violin they want to give me?)


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